The Casting Shadows Foundation is a Missoula, Montana non-for-profit (501c3) foundation the goal of which is to promote the importance of Fatherhood, and mentorship of our youth through fly fishing and other fun Montana based outdoor activities. The foundation was founded by Gary Schild and Ben Sharbono looking for a chance to give back all of the wonderful experiences we had growing up in Montana, the value we saw in the foundation his father and my step father laid for for us growing up, and getting to raise our own children in the same wonderful environment. 

While our activities may continue to grow, change, and expand, our mission never will, and that is to promote the value of our youth having the opportunity to spend valuable and enriching hours with their fathers or other mentors in Montana's great outdoors.  A time to talk, and laugh, and enjoy each other free of all the other stressors associated with the outside world.  We provide fully and professionally guided full day floating and fly fishing trips, we have and plan to teach fly tying classes, and as we grow may include a good number of other fun Montana activities. 



Our Contacts

Gary Schild 406-370-8714

Ben Sharbono 406-396-8291